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    Abhishek Jain

    Hello Everyone,

    I have to conduct the Lean Six Sigma basic Introduction training & the duration is 3 hours only. I am looking for some activity/games/videos that helps the staff to get an understanding of Lean & Six Sigma.

    If anybody in the forum has any material, please let me know. Thanks in Advance.

    Best Regards,



    Since you have only 3 hours the typical game activities take too long. The short ones are often more about team building and simple insights. I think they’re usually a waste of time. Here’s one I use, especially when time is short. It’s called “50 Lincolns” because each team gets a roll of 50 pennies. You can do it with as few as 10 or 12 to save time but don’t use fewer than 10. All but one of the pennies given to each team should be the kind with the Lincoln Memorial on the obverse. You don’t want to penalize anyone with random defects from the supplier but you want to make sure each team gets one.

    Divide the group into teams of three to five seated at a table. Spread the pennies on the table in front of the first person. When I say “go”, turn each penny over one at time using only one hand then slide them to the next person. The next person does the same until the pennies reach the end. Start a stopwatch when you say “go” and record each team’s time. Look at the pennies at the end and record how many Lincoln Memorials you see. Write each team’s results on a whiteboard or flipchart. Now say we’re going to do this again but find a way to do it faster and I only want to see Lincoln Memorials at the end. Give each team a few minutes to change the process. The only stipulation is that each person must turn over every coin at least once, using only one hand. You can repeat this several times as time permits. The winner has all Lincoln Memorials in the shortest time. Have each team describe what they changed from the original process and why. Then discuss to make sure everyone understands why the winning team did best.


    Norbert Feher

    My favorite games for the basics are
    – the 5S number game;
    – Standard Pig drawing;
    – The Ohno circle games

    In order to get a feeling about flow and lead time management:
    – paper airplane game or
    – sandwich making pipeline could be useful…

    Please look up them in google to get detailed explanation and some basic templates for playing!



    Catapult is the best one! It is producing a lot of data and provokes a lot discussions leading to importance of several tools (MSA, Sample size, control charts, capability analysis, regression and even DOE).


    Lew Yerian

    You could use colored candies (such as Skittles) to demonstrate the Pareto Principle. Be careful with M&M candies – somebody has been optimizing their process. The distribution of colors is getting very uniform making it hard to demonstrate Pareto. I have been using colored stones lately. They are inexpensive and you can find them at any arts & crafts store.

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