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    I am in the process of setting Lean training for Co-Lean Facilitators in our  Home Health orgainzation. The staff are full time employees that were chosen (prior to my employment) by Senior Leadership to assist the Lean Specialist with Lean Projects. I  am in the process of reviewing some easy to read training books for the group and would like to purchase a copy for each employee……a simple training book on Lean.  Any recommendations?
    Thank you in advance for you assistance.



    Hi Sue – for a good book on various tools and
    techniques, try The Lean Toolbox by John Bicheno.
    My suggestion on this book would be for you all to
    read through it, and collectively agree and select
    4-5 tools or techniques to use in your
    organisation. Go on to use those, develop
    understanding by using them in real situations. Do
    not try to teach, train or use all the tools –
    focus on a selective few that you all feel are most
    This is how to get most value from the training.For other books that can show the basics of Lean,
    why not go with The Toyota Way by Jeffrey Liker.
    There are various books on Toyota that might be
    suitable. I’m based in UK – would be happy to discuss further
    if you feel you may want some help with your
    training programme – either to set up, or to
    deliver.Davy T



    Good day Sue. American Society of Quality has several books for Healthcare Providers that focus on Lean techniques and ideas. I have not read any yet but have found all the books that I have purchased from ASQ to be practical and easy to read while being thorough. Just go to, go to the store and type in Lean healthcare. Several books will pop up. Some even let members look at the table of contents and read a chapter or two. If one peaks your interest, I will be glad to download a chapter in pdf and forward it to you. Also, I write a monthly newsletter with tips on applying Lean to health care from the viewpoint of a quality engineer, which I am. The latest newsletter discussed practical ways to implement an EMR at a site.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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