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    Is there a standard “Lean Certification” that is industry standard? 
    There are plenty of places that have Lean Training, but the rigor in each appears to vary widely.  I’d like to get “certified,” but unsure if that certification is universally accepted.



    Once again the question arises regarding the certification process.
    To my knowledge their are two reliable sources of Lean Training : 1) the old Allied Signal  now Honeywell program, 2) Rockwell Automation Control Sytstems Program.
    I am not aware of any consultancy that has country wide recognition.


    Robert S

    Beep, go to It’s where the Lean guys hang out and I believe you’ll get some good input there.


    Brian C.

    Lean certification by itself has gone by the waste side. Most of the new courses include Lean and Six Sigma together at different levels (Green, Black, Master Black Belt). After course completion sign up and take the ASQ Exam ( This is a recognizable certification.
    The George Group has excellent courses
    I attend classes in South Carolina to obtain my certification..
    Good Luck



    There is an excellent nationally recognized Lean Certification that was developed by SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers), AME (Association for Manufacturing Excellence) and the Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence. It was developed by hundreds of volunteers and several hundred companies.This Lean Certification involves both a formal exam, the submission of a portfolio of experience and for the top level, an interview by peers.There are three levels (bronze, silver and gold — similar to the Shingo Prize criteria).Most Lean Six Sigma programs are the traditional Six Sigma programs with a touch of Lean. Further information can be found at, or



    Give me $1500 and I’ll certify you with an “Industry Standard” lean certification.  It’ll be worth as much as the cert’s you get from the other sources mentioned and will come a whole lot quicker!



    I went throught the Lean Systems Certification Training at University of Kentucky.  This program included instruction from former Toyota Executives that gave a great insight into the how and whys lean works.  It goes beyond the tools into the systems required to support a true lean culture.  From the programs that I’ve seen or heard about, this is the most comprehensive and a great basis.  With lean, you should always be learning, so no one program is going to be the end all.



    Morning all.  Great day to be alive.  Like many I was laid off from my management position in the transportation industry so instead of throwing a pity party, I enrolled in a 6 Sigma Green Belt Certification program at the local community college.
    It is tougher than I thought – alot of information.  The further down the 6 Sigma path I venture the more it seems to make sense and I realize it’s not just a cirriculum of materials, tools for my belt but more so a philosophy, a way of thinking and understanding that focuses on the solutions and not the problems.
    Im working on defining a project and trying to determine exactly where the datat is going to come from.  6 sigma is teaching me that today there is a solution.


    Adam L Bowden

    I have to agree with Ron, I came form AlliedSignal/Honeywell and
    the certification process is still one I use today – it is very rigorous
    and as such the student has to earn the certification with
    demonstrated results as well as technical proficiency. Do not get a
    “take a test”, or “I’ll just certify you” certification as it’s worthless !Certification means results – results appear on your Resume/CV –
    this is what employers/Leaders are looking for.Regards,Adam
    PS – call me to chat if you want me to clarify
    (720 938 0321 GMT-6hrs)

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