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    I don’t know whose comments bother me more, the so-called Six Sigma experts who preach Six Sigma as if it were some sort of business panacea and who consequently think too highly of themselves and their abilities because they are aligned with Six Sigma; or the Six Sigma critics who vehemently condemn a perfectly legitimate business improvement strategy because they either don’t understand it, it made them obsolete, or a combination of the two.
    Pardon my rather acidic rhetoric, but the posts that I have read on this site over the past few days have really bothered me.  Bottom line:
    To my Six Sigma colleagues – a Black Belt does not an expert make.  Any novice with some Six Sigma training can get “certified” if the certification process in the organization is questionable.  Let’s show some genuine, hard, bottom line results so that we can win over our unbelieving teammates who doubt the effectiveness of Six Sigma, the sincerity of our efforts, and the intergrity of the certification process.
    To my colleagues who question Six Sigma – please keep an open mind.  Don’t interpret poor deployment, poor implementation, or poor management as a failure or weakness of Six Sigma.  Think of Six Sigma as a loaded gun – in the hands of a trained professional it can help ensure our team’s survival in a very hostile environment.  In the hands of an untrained person, it can be dangerous to that person and everybody else around him.  If Six Sigma is ineffective or destructive in your organization, then the fault most likely lies in those that deployed and manage the program and not necessarily in the program itself.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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