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    Bill Brannigan

    Hi all,

    I work for a large company where we have 500+ drivers performing over 13,000 pick-ups/stops daily. I have once again taken on the challenge of creating a production metric (having abandoned several years ago when I changed roles) The idea is to create a head-count (HC) tool that allows some type of benchmark against current labor run rate.

    I have access to daily miles, stops, HC and worked hours but the difficulty is the exchange rate between stops/PUs and miles. The largest routes I have go to 250 miles and 20 stops (max capacity) and I have been able to create a mean using both metrics as well.

    However it seems everything I try has a fatal flaw

    worked hr or FTE/Route

    worked hr or FTE/mile

    worked hr or FTE/stop

    Not to mention having to make an adjustment for Manhattan where they perform nearly 100 stops w/o going 20 miles :)

    I do not expect a complete solution on a message board BUT if anyone has any ides on approach or methodology I would love to her them.

    Thanks in Advance,



    Andrew Parr

    Bill, you have the “how do you eat an elephant” problem. You need to break this down into something more manageable. I don’t know your business but it looks like you have many of the same problems we have here so I’d recommend you look at splits by Geographical area, by Depots possibly (if you have them and drivers start from their each day), by shift if you work 24/7, or just by a set number of drivers on similar routes maybe?  also, look at what data you have and how accurate it might be. For example, are all vehicles tracked for miles etc? Is there currently a minimum expectation of how many jobs each will do in a day and what happens if they finish early or late?

    Whatever you do it won’t work if you try a “one size fits all” approach.

    As my friend says “Just my Opinion”.




    Andrew Parr

    Apart from my grammatical error confusing “their” and “there”, it just occurred to me that your measures aren’t explicit in terms of your Key Performance Indicators.  Should you be looking at number of deliveries inside a specific timescale?  Or do you have different measures of success?


    Still an opinion!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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