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    I’m a complete beginner to Six Sigma but have a past in TQL/TQM and love Deming and Continuous Improvement concepts. A true LOVE for the concept actually. But I lack the practical tools and methods to implement in daily life yet.I’m looking for a way to utilize Visio, MS Project, and mind mapping software to process map an entire startup business (LLC) and am basing it on the E-Myth concept by Michael Gerber. E.g. running a small business by applying process mapping and the franchise model to all ‘hats’ in the business. E.g. working ‘on’ the business and not just ‘in’ the business. The problem is I don’t want to get buried in too many books or ideas and just want the most practical books, methods, and templates to leverage into a quick system that can be applied to derive the highest ROI per effort input. …Makes the most sense to me. So can you all make some recommendations on how best to choose premade visio flow charts, software, 6 Sigma books, etc. that are super basic in application but have very high ROI when applied to a small business roles, responsibilities, and tasks perspective?Thanks all. I look forward to you saving me much research effort in this regard,



    It’s well known that my reading comprehension is not that good, but it seems this post is all over the place.
    Are you looking for tools to help you design a new business such as a QFD in the DFSS arena?
    Do you have a specific problem to solve?
    Are you looking for deferent methodologies that quality professional use and asking for our short list of tools and literature?
    Help me – help you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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