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    Chinue Uecker

    Good afternoon! I’d like to obtain industry stakeholder’s feedback on the questions below. Have a fantastic day!

    1. Do you use Lean and/or Six Sigma at your workplace?
    2. What types of certifications are available at your workplace?
    3. How are employees selected to obtain Lean/Six Sigma certification at your workplace?
    4. How do you utilize employees after they have received their Lean and/or Six Sigma certification?


    Ken Feldman

    1. Yes
    2. Kaizen Leader, Green Belt, Black Belt
    3. Screening process for interest, background, attitude and skills
    4. Full time project leaders for KL and BB and part time project leader for GB



    @ueckerc Huh? I’m not your stakeholder. And @Darth is definitely not one of your stakeholders. I think you’re either not understanding the definition of a stakeholder, or you’ve misstated what you’re trying to accomplish by asking your four questions.


    Stan Mikel

    1) Yes
    2) GB, BB, MBB, fake BB (mercy certification for those that are not committed but connected)
    3) 1/2 apptitude, 1/2 didn’t have anything better to do.
    4) full time, 1/2 work 60 hour weeks and spend their time where work is being done (Gemba for you Lean heads that don’t speak English), 1/2 work 32 hour weeks and sit and office and complain about others. Guess which population is which.


    Mike Carnell

    1. Yes but it has no name such as Lean or Six Sigma
    2. No certifications – it is about results not certifications
    3. Since we don’t certify anyone we don’t have to select anyone
    4. don’t certify

    This may be hard to comprehend but if as a buiness owner when people speak to you you ask for data people will lean to bring data. After they bring data you ask question s that cause them to analyze data then they will begin to analyze data. the question should be are you concerned about improvement or are you making a case for certification? Personally I would rather see a case made to teach people to manage by doing more than closing their eyes and using the force.

    Just my opinion

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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