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    I’ve a question regarding Controlled Moves using the Maynard Operation Sequence Technique (M.O.S.T). From the M.O.S.T data card for Controlled Moves, the max processing time is 7 seconds. In situations where the processing time is greater than 7 seconds, may I multiple the index in order to reach the observed processing time?

    Example: Operator pushes a button which triggers a case to move along a conveyor from Point A to Point B in 49 seconds. The M.O.S.T data card shows an index of 16 for a process of 7 seconds. May I use an index of 112 (16 * 7) to represent this movement?

    I want to say yes because the Index and processing time seem to have a linear relationship, but I’m not sure.

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    The simple answer is no. There are extended values for process times; look for an additional table for the X parameter on your data card. The maximum process time is X330 for up to and including 124.0 seconds.

    If this is not found on your data card it is on page 64 of the text MOST Work Measurement Systems, Third Edition.



    Using the extended table is the correct answer. However I am guessing that point A and point B are work stations and the conveyor process time is set to be internal (faster) to the work content of station A or station B…….Therefore will be limited out and have a value of 0 in the frequency.
    In most cases conveyor time is never use. Only the time of actual work content of each work station.

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