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    Hello everyone!

    It seems to me lately that Lean Six Sigma, which I believe to be a great management style, is perceived by small business as esoteric and exclusionary. I don’t think that this needs to be the case and made that thinking the subject of an article on my blog at this address:

    I am new here as I have been looking for a site where I could find a few Six Sigma professionals to provide their insight on this notion.

    I am sure that the article may cause some controversy among Lean Six Sigma purists, but my point is only that Six Sigma can be for everyone including small, service oriented businesses.

    With the help of your feedback, I can determine whether I made that point clear.





    I couldn’t agree with you more. Small businesses can get a lot of benefit from lean SS but they aren’t going to hire SS professionals, contract highly compensated consultants, or pay for extensive training. And they’re (rightly so) turned off at first glance by our esoteric statistical formulas and extensive toollkit. I developed a simple process using just a few simple, cheap tools — You can do it with just index cards and graph paper — that I can teach someone to use in just a few hours and they can then use on their own for continual improvement with just a little coaching. Case studies have shown that it works.

    I’m not going to make much money doing this. But I’m semi-retired. I abhor the exploitative practices I’ve often seen from consulting companies — Their incentive is to sell more high-priced services. And I think it’s important to help small businesses, which are the base of our economy.

    Contact me via my wesite I’ve also added a comment to your blog. We can compare notes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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