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    I have some clarification on manpower reduction in a manufacturing industry working with two 12hrs shift/day. I have calculated the labor utilization % based on the cycle time taken & assigned them for production but the result was not as expected. the production output was reduced actually. could anyone help me on how to actually calculate req manpower for the process???


    Mike Carnell

    @PramothV You reduced headcount and you did not think it would reduce the output? Seriously?

    So you did a desk top calculation and reality is different. It virtually always will be. This is just from a business owners perspective. I knew how long it took to build a part. I could calculate how many parts per hour I should get (not every hour is 60 minutes) and the only one that absolutely should not stop is the bottleneck. That is 100%. Less is less than 100% of course. In reality you aren’t going to see 100%. Maybe 80%.

    Lay a bunch of people off and you will get less until they get over it.


    Jeffery M BYERLEY

    There is a few things I need to understand in order to reply, with something you can think about.
    Do you just want to reduce head count, or increase your efficiency?
    So, currently 2, 12 hour shifts.
    Current head count per shift is?
    What is your current TPT to produce the final product?
    What is your manufacturing system, the drive of your master production schedule (MPS).
    This will give me a starting point for you.



    People are not machines. They don’t operate at 100% capacity. Employers require paperwork, meetings, and such. Did you measure actual productive time versus working hours? If you didn’t you shouldn’t be at all surprised.

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