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    I am a BB in manufacturing and would like to get into Healthcare due fear of continued downsizing in manufacturing industry. Don’t want to wait till my turn so taking the initiative. Would the transition be drastically difficult being that I have manufacturing background and BB for 2-3yrs? What type positions in the Healthcare would best fit? Continuous Improvement. Trained by corporate office and is an excellent program.Any opinions from those in the Healthcare industry would be appreciated. If in Financial industry please feel free to respond for that sector. Thank you.


    Roger Noble

    I have to agree with Sue’s comments. I’m a former manufacurting guy from GE and have crossed over into Healthcare. Opportunities for such a transition are rare. There is great resistance in healthcare to respond to guidance/analysis/advice from outsiders. It is getting better however. I was a strange example because my background was in healthcare equipment manufacturing/service so I could speak their language. In other words I could distract them enough to get them focused on improvement efforts.
    Data is the biggest issue. There is a lack of electronic data, especially validated electronic data. To Sue’s point on the methodology, LEAN is the main tool you can really apply at this point. DMAIC from a non-statistical standpoint can be applied.. but if you want to work a true Six Sigma project, you’ll have to devise a way to capture the data you need and make sure that all stakeholders will support that data. Not an easy task.
    Is healthcare a safe place to hide in the tough economy? definitely not. Sure, people are always sick and dieing, so the demand is always there. However, heatlhcare is under significant heat to improve. There answers thus far have been reorganizations and downsizing labor forces, almost exclusively in admin related functions – the first to go is usually quality control/performance improvement. I have been through 2 reorgs/downsizing in healthcare in the last 2 years. So more safe? not at all.
    Good Luck
    Roger Noble – Shriners Hospitals for Children International


    Healthcare Six Sigma

    Healthcare appreciates any expertise that you could provide coming from the manufacturing world.  I originally was in healthcare in a different role, then moved into manufacturing and am again back into healthcare.  Healthcare is newer to some of the principles of Six Sigma and Lean but also very ripe.  When I submitted my resume to a healthcare organization – the fact that I had worked in the manufacturing world appealed to them.  My suggestion to you is to apply to hospitals, laboratories, radiology facilities and even large physician practices.  Good luck!


    Lou Ann

    Very interesting….I’m chairing a team in Michigan to deploy (gratus) people in quality skills to doctor’s offices.  We have a IPIP grant and our goal is to have 30 doctor’s offices with coaches this year and 100 next year.   If you haven’t worked in healthcare, you’re head will swim around for a long time with the opprotunities to reduce waste.  
    If you’ve been laid off I would recommend getting anytype of healthcare certification, even if it takes a year or 2 and then with the manufacturing background wow!!!…Even a 1 year med tech position, or even just go to a hospital and get a tech position….we’ve got to infiltrate healthcare in this country and get enough “critical mass” to change this system.   
    If you’re still working seek out ASQ or IPIP activitity in your state.

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