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    Jane V

    I am interested in your “reviews” of Master Black Belt training. If you do not train in-house, where do you send your MBBs?  What has been your experience with the quality and rigor of the training?
    My firm has used the Six Sigma Academy in the past with mixed results.  One session was incredibly powerful, challenging, and left the MBBs with a strong foundation.  Another session was disappointing.  I think the difference was the makeup of the students.  In the second class, there were many people who were not MBBs in attendance, so the challenge and rigor were sorely lacking.
    So – I’m very interested to hear what’s good and why.  Preference to the US Northeast, but interested in all references.  Thanks!



    I think the difference was the makeup of the students.
    I suspect that might well be a common problem.  I do a Black Belt week 4 for selected engineers from a large company.  The last session I did was wonderful — I had a group of smart, motivated, engaged belts.
    The group before them was not well targeted for the course, and not especially motivated.  It was all I could do to make it bearable.
    If a single company, where you would expect some consistency in culture (especially since this was a company with a well-entrenched Six Sigma culture), can be this variable, it would seem to be even more difficult if you are looking at an outside provider where your MBB candidates will make up only a small part of the group.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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