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    Hi All,

    Objective: Business Growth / Business Transformation.
    Product: Certificated Learning

    At a glance, the biggest issues are:
    Product is being sold at below-average market value, and below-average market quality.
    Sales Team is under-trained, under-paid, under-managed, and under-performing.
    Learner Support uses 7 different software platforms from start to finish of client journey (where 1 or 2 would be sufficient).
    Marketing is disconnected, under-capacity and Brand Image is outdated.
    There is very little automation or integration across any of the teams or processes.
    There are no process maps in place.
    There are no measurables (for example around lead generation, lead conversion rates, sales win rates, run rates…)

    Changes already being worked towards:
    New product is being developed.
    Sales Team are being better paid, trained and (soon) managed.
    Platform migration is underway to reduce the number of platforms required.
    Marketing strategy being developed and external input / support being sought.

    So, a lot of projects are underway, led by different teams, working largely in a siloed manner. There has been relatively little (if any) workshopping or project planning ahead of the work starting.

    There’s a lot going on here, if you walked into the middle of it all, what approach would you take to successfully deliver business growth?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and input,

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