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    Mike Archer

    Hello.  I am a new BB.  I have had 2 weeks of training so far.  I am doing a project that was given to me by my MBB.  I was asked to implement a Parts Point of Use system for a specific area in my facility (aircraft manufacturing).  There is an expectation to have a Kaizen implementation by the end of March.  I put the team together about 3 weeks ago with an objective to implement a system, so we are pretty much working an improvement.  I have talented people on the team that are doing a good job and making progress.  However, I feel the need to keep this going in SS fashion.
    I have some Task Observations with spaghatti diagrams and time data.  There is a column the observers used for parts/material.  I also have surveys I conducted in the area for a 1 to 5 ranking on several different aspects of parts (parts location, parts organization, part availability, work in progress, instructions on part installation).  My question is, what is the best way to use my data, given the circumstances, and to have a meaningful measure phase.  I would also like to know if I need to gather more data.  I am all for conducting Measure and Analyze in a way that will change the expected outcome of this project.  I would like to make an additional improvement that was not specifically requested from the onset.  Any help is appreciated.



    If you were asked to IMPLEMENT a parts kit, then you are doing the I of someone else’s DMAIC project.  And if you are trying to find data to come to a predetermined conclusion, then you aren’t doing six sigma.  I would ask your MBB what drove him to the realization of implementing a POU parts kit and you may find everything you need already.  Basic rule that I go by for POU, if they use it during every process it should be within arms reach (45 degree twist and strike zone), if it gets used once a day it should be within a few steps, once a week in the same room, once a month in the same building.  Your spaghetti chart would be the most useful here, in my opinion.
    Make sure you focus on the define part and find out what drove you to get to this point.  That will give you the answers to your additional improvements.  Don’t change for the sake of change.



    You should not have been given a problem statement that contains a pre-set solution, this pretty much goes against the grain. How are you sure this is the best solution, how do you know what you are fixing?Discuss this in further detail with your MBB and obtain all the relevant facts. If you don’t have them you should question why this is a DMAIC project

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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