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    Six Sigma is new to me and I have a basic question. I am looking for some insight on how to measure the performance of a product development process.


    Joe Perito

    Russ, it is difficult to measure the performance of a product development process alone simply due to the fact that one head is not as good as two. The problem with most development projects is that R&D will work in a closet without input from QA and Manufacturing. There is no substitute for concurrent engineering. In such, the group establishes what the important quality characteristics are, how to measure them (method and quantity), what the acceptance criteria will be, and establish periodic review meetings to evaluate the progress of the project and to make midproject changes due to unexpected developments. Juran points out that this is the fastest and cheapest way to develop a product. It is much more expensive to: put bandaids on mistakes, go through a redesign, and/or have ongoing rework and field failures. I do reccomend Juran’s book, “Quality Planning and Analysis”. The math on the chosen control characteristics is the easy part. You could choose to use the guidelines in the AIAG’s PPAP and SPC manuals for the process capability studies. This reply is taking into account that you what to conduct the entire project in the most efficient manner. If you are talking simply about calculating the math for a single (or a few) process capabilities, then you need no other source of information than the AIAG’s “Statistical Process Control” manual.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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