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    I’m working a SS project around best shoring IT services to India. Does anyone have any experience measuring knowledge transfer &  training effectiveness; Y (KT effectiveness) =…. 
    Reaching out for ideas!


    Justin Castagna

    Hi Dave
    I havent actualy tried ‘knowledge’ style of a measurments before.
    That being said I have been reading a bit about ‘social network anaylisis’ (SNA) lately. Whilst I’m no expert in this field it may be an approach to consider. SNA may be bit left field but i think has more potential than a simple ‘did you attend a seminiar and learn?’ style survey.
    As an example use a survey/interview each individual and get them to nominate who they go to for help/training/report to/confide in etc (insert fluffy HR questions as appropriate).
    Then its a case of joining the dots so to speak.
    Whats the picture look like? Do people go to their managers? or a designated trainer? Another informal individual in a different team/business or even a friend out side their workplace? 
    Over time…if the survey is repeated does the picture change? Do the people trained start getting more arrows pointing to them?
    Wikipedia etc is a good starting point to get some more background on SNA. Also has some really good explanations and pictures on teh subject.
    Hope this is of some value…



    Hi Dave,
    I discussed this with some colleagues before.  I think the point which you can recognise knowledge transfer has happened successfully is when the new joiner closes their first problem ticket or raises their first “request to release” ticket.  You might better this by waiting until the rate of the ticket closure/request raising is the same as their peers in the team.
    Do let me know.  The background for our discussions was related to a project to improve the onboarding process for IT new joiners.


    Ravinder Singh

    HI Dave,
    I was trying to search the solution to your question and came across the following link.
    See if it helps!



    Here is a source for understanding how to measure the effectiveness of training.  There are four levels of training effectiveness, and each uses a different set of metrics.  Kirkpatrick’s theory of training effectiveness is fundamental to much of what was written later on in the field of training and development.  In his recent book, he writes with his son on how to put the theory into action.  Hope this is of help to you.
    The book title is Transferring learning to behavior : using the four levels to improve performance, by Donald L. Kirkpatrick and James D. Kirkpatrick.



    There’s also a recent article by the McKinsey Quarterly that reviews the new metrics of corporate performance: profit per employee which. may yield some additional insight.
    I’m also trying to measure knowledge management.



    Thanks for everyone’s input. I’ve also come across a book on knowledge transfer techniques that appears to have some good information on the topic.
    Book Title: Teach What You Know, by Steve Trautman



    Hello Dave,
    Yes, I have experience in rolling out the helpdesk call centers in India while working as a Master Black Belt at GE. Now because this is in the area of IT support, we found the problem to be enormous considering the volitility of change in the applications needing to become a subject matter expert. Additionally we found language barrier issues with customers, where we had to brainstorm innovative solutions (i.e. we found the real Indian names difficult to pronounce so we gave all the call center analysts a “stage” USA name – something simple like “John” or “Mary” – little things like this helped along the way.
    We also had to have a knowledge transfer system that met very tight turn-around times (look-up info for the 80% solutions while user was on the phone – say < 5 min). At the time there were no good systems in place so we had to build one usng a web interface that linked into an assortment of knowledge storing or searching locations while we built the ultimate knowledge transfer into a Clarfy system that took over 2 years before theinfo bacame useful to those using it.
    Hope that helps  feel free to contact me if more info is desired.
    Steven Bonacorsi, MBB
    [email protected]



    Have you ever created a survey to measure knowledge transfer?
    or do you know about a similar survey?  … I am working in a Knowledge Transfer project for my Green Belt certification and will like to create a survey in this subject. 
    Rafi Torres

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