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    Tom Van Acker

    I am measuring an output with a precision of 0,25 (measurements can either be : -1 / -0,75 / -0,5 / -0,25 / 0 / 0,25 / … / 1). If I get several individual measurements, can I report an average value of these of for example 0,13 (however, this 0,13 value can never show up on the gage I use for the individual measurements) ?
    Any help very much appreciated ! Thanks, Tom
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    You can report whatever you want to…
    But should you? It depends upon the severity of failure and the process in question.What is your real goal?



    Why would you believe the process you are measuring should be restricted to have an underlying population average that corresponds to your gage discrimination?   Of course you can report an average that is whatever the data suggests it is.
    The issue you may have is a lack of resolution in your measurements for detecting changes in the process.  For example, if you want to control chart the individual measurements from a process, it could turn out that there might be only be 4 or 5 possible measurement values that are inside the computed control limits.   This would indicate a lack of resolution issue with your gage.
    You would need to provide additional details about this process for any additional insights.  

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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