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    We have a mechanical reliability group that is striving to incorporate the philosophy and the methodology of Six Sigma into it’s overall effort. While the application of the tools is clear, is anyone aware of articles, books, etc. that deal with this combination?


    Paul Gibbons

    I have completed a Six-Sigma project using the maintenance engineering KPIs of MTTF, MTTR and unavailability (due to maintenance) in conjunction with OEE, Cp & Cpk. My project objective was to improve the OEE of a piece of plant and I went through the DMAIC process to achieve this.
    For your project you might want to check the International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management. I did a quick search and found a paper that might have something useful for you (spot the spelling mistake, pretty bad for a “quality” journal:)……..
    Title: Customer-centric six sigma quality and reliability management Author(s): Chu-Hua Kuei, Christian N. Madu Journal: International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management ISSN: 0265-671X Year: 2003 Volume: 20 Issue: 8 Page: 954 – 964 DOI: 10.1108/02656710310493661 Publisher: MCB UP Ltd Abstract: This paper presents a customer-centric six sigma quality management as an extension of the traditional six sigma way. It views product quality and process reliability as key to achieving six sigma and adopts a holistic view of quality. The aim is to offer practical guidelines to business leaders, practicing mangers and those interested in quality, the new directions in quality management. It views reliability management as an integral part of any six sigma strategy since the focus in reliability management is on process reliability and dependability. Thus, by bringing both product and process quality together, a customer-centric six sigma can be achieved.
    Good luck


    Mike Walmsley

    Good job Paul.
    Several other references can be had at the following :   (Paul Barringer) and among others.

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