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    T’was the night before Six Sigma and all through the house,Not a creature was stirring, ‘cept the Black Belt of course.The stockings were hung on the chimney with care, And then the Black Belt said , “Hey look’e there”. One of the stockings didn’t look quite right,And it gave the Black Belt a startling sight.He took out his level, the laser one first,He measured the sill, then measured the girth. He pulled off each stocking,Measured one by one, and each was three ounces,Plus or minus just one. He hung them back up,Hung them up – one, two, three,And still he saw one of them not right by a wee. He defined that the stocking were hung one by one,He measured them all and each one was hung plumb. He analyzed each the weight and the line, And tried to improve it to make it look fine.He turned off the over head fan ‘cause of the breeze,And even tried looking, not from his feet but his knees. When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,There was the Master Black Belt, standing out on the latter.He slid down the chimney and down past the flue,And out through the fireplace, very lightly too.He looked at the Black Belt and stockings with care,Then said to the Black Belt, you’ve a problem right there. They looked at the data, the check sheets and charts,The pareto’s, and gants, the fish-bone of course,They even looked at the ambient air,And all through their looking, the answer still wasn’t there. Then BillyBob arose, alert from his bed,From all of the noise’s going through his head.He ran down the stairs to examine the matter,and saw both of the belts, tending the matter. He looked at the stockings the ones that were hung,And said look at that one, it looks kind of dumb.The one on the end that one over there,Hanging inside-out, without any care. He grabbed the poor stocking and twisted it about,And low and behold, it was no longer inside-out.He hung it with the others just hanging there,Then went back to bed, as disgust rang in the air. You took the wrong data the Master had said,You’re an idiot the Black Belt hummed in his head.I now see the problem is solved Black belt said,And he too, quickly went back to bed. The Master left quickly, left quickly he fled.On Pareto, on Gant, on Fish-bone he lead,On teamwork and sharing, on goal setting he said,Merry Six Sigma to all, there’s another project ahead. Arthur


    Adam L Bowden

    Hi Arthur,
    Excellent – very creative – I like the Billy Bob bit – maybe include some possums next time



    You did a fantastic job on this! I’ve printed it to circulate around my office. Everyone who reads it seems to identify with it in some way!
    :) Grant



    Hello folks,
    May I quote the lines,
    “T’was the night before Six Sigma and all through the house,
    Not a creature was stirring, ‘cept the Black Belt of course.”
    We can see right from the start this is a Christmas tale.  If anyone is going to be in the shop late on the night before Christmas it ain’t going to be no blackbelt because he’ll be going out early with the boss to the Christmas Party while us loser slobs will be here making sure things go right at the plant
    Merry Christmas and later,


    Arthur Sutherland

    For your christmas pleasure. :)

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