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    Hey guys

    Within my Six Sigma project the following question should be answered:
    What is the performance of the process in terms of waste types?

    For the measure phase, I’m trying to create the Data Collection Plan.
    Now I need some approach or literature that lists the different methods to identify and analyze the wastes.

    For example, to measure the waste type “wait”, I will use work sampling or multi moment method.

    Can someone give me a literature with at best a list, which assigns different methods to the wastes?




    If you’re having to measure all of the potential wastes you haven’t identified a specific problem and you’re trying to boil the ocean. I’d recommend that you take a step back and do a value stream map, or time value map, of the process to identify where and what type of waste is occurring. Choose the most egregious waste point, write a specific problem statement, do your improvement project, remap the process and repeat. That’s continuous improvement.


    Iโ€™d add in, simple time observations should identify waste in process steps, ie value add, non value add. Utilize that data at process level.


    Mike Carnell

    Peter I am all in with @straydog. The only thing I would be concerned with at this point is standing at a point where I could see the process and document what I saw. I also would not pull any kind of report in advance to prejudice your observations. Those are 2 different things. What you see and what is reported.

    It sounds like you are already looking for solutions and at this point you do not even have a problem definition. Charles Kettering, the famed inventor and head of research for GM, said โ€œa problem well-stated is half-solved.โ€

    Just my opinion

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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