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    I’m on a crossfunctional project examining the various project management, software development, change management and process improvement methodologies in use at our company.  We’re a 5000+ person finanancial services organization with more than a century of tools, processes, methodologies, deliverables, and more in dozens of formats and templates.  In addition, we’re looking at governance (if any), training and internal consulting services.  A pretty big task with the eventual goal of streamlining the methods or possible integrating them into one overall methodology that incorporates the best of all.
    Recently our team tried to create matrix that examined the tools, methods and deliverables by methodology (RDMAIC, SDP, Change Management, etc.)  We quickly came to realize that one person’s tool is another person’s deliverable.  Before I recreate the wheel, I’m interested in how you differentiate between tools, deliverables and methods.  Do you define these terms?  If so, how?  Can you give examples of each?
    – John

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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