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    Flor Mestanza

    We’re getting ready to start putting together department metrics packages. We need the metrics to be more frequent than monthly. But, if we report weekly, how do we roll those up into monthly numbers?   Some weeks span months, for example  Monday Jan 29th, Tues Jan 30th, Wed Feb 1st, Thurs Feb 2nd, Fri Feb 3rd.  So how can we do weekly metrics recording/reporting? We could convert to fiscal weeks for metrics, but that is a fair amount of work to put into place and cause lots of other problems. We could go to daily, but that might be burdonsome on some groups to record daily metrics.  I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you.



    Either go 7 calendar days or go by pay period (2 weeks in most cases).



    Not use how you gather your data, if each reporting period stands alone, or if it is accumulative across the intra-month periods.
    For example, if you are doing a DPMO I would use month to date – so the whole month agrees with your trending.  Using that methodology, I would just select a good interval – 7 or 10 calendar days.  Then one extra data point at month end.



    You can use Fiscal Week(FW), most calendars (Group Wise is what we use) has the ability to add Fiscal Week as a display field. For example this week Nov. 27th to Dec 1st is FW 48.


    Mike Hilliard

    Isn’t it more important to let the data / issue drive the timing for collection? I’d investigate the critical nature of the issue first and then decide what the timing will be.
    Some issues require closer investigation than others. Focus on the 4% of the 20% – let the data drive the timing.


    [email protected]

    Before you decide on frequency of your metrics, develop sound operational definitions with the process owners. Op-Def’s will lead you the right frequency.
    Also think of factors such as:
    Will you have quality of data for the given frequency
    What will you do with the metrics, how much value is added by going from monthly to say bi-weekly
    Capacity – is reporting going to be automated or manual? If you go to say weekly, make sure you don’t spend 30 hours a week putting together some metrics. It is the analysis and the “so-what’s” that count.
    I hope this helps.
    Peter Z @ DELOITTE



    I’d startr with what I was trying to accomplish + what the organisation can support.  Some questions / issues to think through:
    – how will / can the metrics be used to generate value?
    – ho will the metrics be tracked – electronically, manually?
    – how will the metrics be used?
    – what is the behaviour of the metrics, do they change frequently?
    If this is near the start of getting process in stable and capable, it may make sense to sample and update accordingly.  You can always change the frequency of reporrting as you get the process under control or as performance improves.  As well, expect the metrics to change as parts of the process come under control, as you learn what metrics are better indicators or effectiveness and efficiency, etc.



    Why do you need to report on metrics more often than monthly?
    What are you measuring?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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