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    While I was serving in the military I did training in airspeed which is the equivalent of Lean Six sigma. I was wondering if the white and green belt certificates I earned would transfer over to the non military world?? Also where is the best place to get my black belt and master black belt certificates? Any help in these matters would be greatly appreciated.

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    As per industry experts the best place to get certified is through a Company or through a Non-profit institutions (like university etc.,).

    Based on your situation, it is always advisable to check with your locality for the same.

    All the best!!!

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    Hello Mario,
    To expand on the above answer, this could vary by company. Some, like ours, look for an equivilancy to determine if we will view the work done as being at the same level as we require. Most of the time we will take a certifiation from another company at equal value, but will rarely do so with certifications from a school. The reason being is work experience. Universities rarely have enough real-life project work to meet our requirements.

    Best case for you would be to reach out to some peers at other companies and have a conversation.

    If you want to continue your learning, look for opportunities to do so with a company that has an established Six Sigma program. Green Belt training is not hard to find at some companies, but BB and MBB can be harder to come by.

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    @mari0lis – Mario: As with any certifying agency, it is more what you know than what a certificate says. There is no overall certificate that is accepted.

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    You said airspeed is the equivalent of lean six sigma? I’ve heard of lean, lean six sigma, and six sigma.

    What is “airspeed”. Please describe the methodology in 2 sentences.

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    Andy U

    I have no interests (literally) in airspeed …

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    Hmmm, Airspeed is purely best practice integration which isn’t really lean six sigma although the web site implies they used L6S to figure out how to implement best practices. Interesting…

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    Probably like the Air Force, the Navy could be a den of “not invented here”. My comments relate to USAF.
    Like many organizations, 5-S isn’t good enough, so they do 6-S. The 7 Wastes are not good enough, so they have 8, using the letters in DOWNTIME as the first words in the 8 wastes. AND they have AFSO21 (Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century). This program has Green and Black belts, and for the BB it has an event-counting mentality. Working with them, the AFSO21 BB is not going to have the understanding of Lean/Six Sigma that an ASQ Green Belt has. The Green Belt has one week of non-mathematical training done at a federal employee pace, with no pre-work or academic prep or experience required.

    My advice is to earn the ASQ Green Belt. Your CPI experience that you may have gained will help you apply what you will have learned prepping for the CSSGB exam, and you will be more marketable inside and outside of the military

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    My GB training requirements mentioned above are AFSO, not ASQ.

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    Shane Allen Vest

    I took the same military lean 6 airspeed class. My yellowbelt transferred over to my job now doing lean 6 work.

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    Just an fyi. You just responded to a post that the3 last time it was answered was 4 years ago.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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