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    Alivia Agnew

    Does anyone else use Minitab to calculate stats? If not, what are you using. Have you tried a new program and preferred it to Minitab?


    Cuong Tran

    Try SAS JUMP.  This program rocks for Stats.



    I like Statistica and SAS JMP.  Minitab is OK for elementary stuff and it is cheap.



    “Minitab is OK for elementary stuff” like:
    Binary Logistic Regression
    General Linear Modelling
    Maximum Likelihood Reliability Tools
    Principal Components
    Auto-regressive Integrated Moving Average Models
    etc…  My point is that you obviously don’t know Minitab to characterize it as OK for elementary stuff.  I’m not even that fond of Minitab (eg poor flexibiliy with output graphics) but don’t give innacurate assessments here.


    A Minitab User

    Minitab continues to provide the finest combination of statistical power and ease-of-use of any general purpose software. It clearly has been targeted to provide a full range of capabilities needed for Six Sigma implementation in engineering, manufacturing, and transactional areas.
    Its design of experiments capabilities rival the more specialized DOE packages such as Design Expert from Stat-Ease.
    Its reliability analysis capabilities rival the more specialized Weibull ++ from Reliasoft.
    Its measurement system analysis and process capability toolsets are fully AIAG compliant and better than any other statistical package.
    It provides the classic, most often taught methods for analysis of proportions and other attribute data, including an exact t-test of one proportion, a t-test for comparing two proportions, chi-square analysis, capability analyses for binomial data, attribute GR&R, and logistic regression. Most of these methods of not offered in JMP.
    It provides a wealth of data manipulation tools not available in StatGraphics, and ease-of-use only dreamed of by Statistica (note that emphasis in their recent ads).
    Minitab’s graphics capabilities (both editing and save formats) are certainly more advanced than JMP, and will be further improved in future releases. Ask a JMP user how to save a high quality graphic output in JPG format.
    Minitab can save an entire data analysis session – the data, the tabular results, the graphics, the macro-level coding in a single project file. You can even attach other files, such .xls, .doc, .ppt, website links, and just about any other format files inside the project file. When you open the project file it looks and behaves just like you left it.
    Its help tools are state-of-the-art, incorporating a unique combination of on-line how-to guides, examples, tutorials, and post-analysis output-specific interpretation guides.
    It also provides a range of licensing options that meet the needs of most any company. Ask SAS, Inc. about concurrent licensing for JMP.
    And . . . other popular Six Sigma applications such as Micrografx’s “Process for Six Sigma” and Hertzler Systems Gainseeker real-time data collection/SPC software have developed the capability to blend their capabilities with those of Minitab to provide even more powerful capabilities.
    Yes, you will hear Minitab described as elementary, a teaching package for schools, and archaic . . . don’t believe it.
    Don’t believe me either.  I issue you all this challenge.  Download the demos for Minitab(, JMP (, StatGraphics (, and Statistica (, and any other stat package you can find. See for yourself which is easiest to use and provides more of the capabilities you need. That’s what I did, and that’s how I came to become an avid user of Minitab. That is why I have made Minitab available to every employee in my business – a business with well of a billion dollars in sales annually.
    –Signed: A very biased, very experienced statistical professional who has used all of these applications and has come to appreciate and understand their history, strengths, and weaknesses.



    While I am not going to give an advertisement like “A Minitab User”, I will tell you Mintab will do anything any of you need for working projects. Those that refer to more elaborate statistical capabilities of other packages are blowing smoke. They are not necessary for anythikng but an academic discussion.
    The folks at Minitab are serving the Six Sigma community for one reason — they have listened to inputs from users at least since 1988 and have added functionality that was important to the user. Name any other software company that you work with that will do the same (employees or resellers of the other softwares don’t respond — I want real industry users)



    Anybody uses SPC KISS and DOE KISS?


    Mike Carnell

    It seems Qiao doesn’t feel his question has been answered (since he asked it again) with all the stuff about software that is listed above. Is anyone going to answer his question?
    The real key to fixing problems is listening to what the people involved say not finding a cute software package to analyze data.
    There were good points made about Minitab and they have stuck with us since we started Allied in 95 but that is a different question



    We use JMP, a powerful piece of software, but not very intuiative. The terminology can be confusing and I pesonally find the guides hard to use until you understand the logic behind the software design and interface.
    What made the difference was my buying a third-party book. However, JMP tech support responds quickly — either by phone or e-mail — usually within 24 hours.
    Have never had it crash, so it seems to be fairly bug-free. It appears to me that the graphics are not too flexible; maybe I haven’t got the hang of them yet.
    I got my Six Sigma training with Air Academy Associates, who developed the SPC KISS and DOE KISS software. I was trained on the software for four weeks, so I got where I could use it productively. It has nowhere near the bells and whistles of Minitab, JPM and the others, but most people will not use the more advanced statistical techniques available with those packages.
    DOE KISS reflects AA’s philosophy toward Six Sigma — use of multiple regression over ANOVA. Combined with their training, it has worked very well for me.
    In the end, I suspect its is mostly a matter of taste. If possible, to get started either attend a class or buy a third-party book, then play around with the software.
    Good luck.


    Kelly Maidman

    I’ve used both and am underwhelmed. I’ve been a Minitab user for several years now and consider SPC and DOE Kiss as being very cumbersome and manual in nature.
    my $0.02


    Ø6 Sigma BB Coordinator

    I use SPC KISS, DOE KISS, SPC XL (new version of SPC KISS) and Minitab.
    For me, I still prefer SPC XL and DOE KISS whener it is possible to use 2 of these softwares. I use Minitab when 2 of these softwares can not do the work for me. However, I just changed my job. Minitab is used in my new company.
    Good bye SPC XL and DOE KISS, my friendly softwares.
    Six Sigma Black Belt Coordinator


    Mike Carnell

    I have been watching this question for several days and trying to stay out of this. I am not very objective with this. We introduced Minitab during the Allied Deployment and then it went to GE. It has virtually become the standard because it is used in more deployments than any other package. My loyalty has come from the support we received from (some) the employees of Minitab. Very early on they had a woman named Carol Clouser who represented the interests of the Six Sigma community back into the organization. Carol has since left and we have a new relationship with Jeff Ozarski. Serious difference in personality but still the same great service from the business side. When we were DBA Six Sigma International the Minitab representatives were considered so integral to our success model they were invited to the company meetings and treated no differently than the other employees.
    When we had a majpr rewrite of material Jeff Ozarski attended and brought one of Minitabs technical people, Andy (smart guy), to help us if we had software issues. Good srvice.
    The GE thing about understanding the customers success model applies here. Minitab has made a commitment to the Six Sigma communities success. Certain people seem to be even tolerant of my lack of statistical rigor – or they are at least polite enough not to mention it.
    What a software package does is really not that important, The formula for running a t test, F test, etc. isn’t going to change. Very few of the higher level tools will every be used by a BB and even less likely by a GB. The software is only a tool.
    I am opting for the people who care about my success.



    Yes, customers of Air Academy use the KISS programs or as I prefer to call the Six Sigma Light programs. Don’t cost much and don’t do much.



    I completely agree with you on the statement that Minitab is not only for the “simple stuff”, in addition is not that “user friendly”.
    SPC XL and DOE Kiss are quite more basic than Minitab, for example



    Great program. It combines the both worlds of statistic and Calculus. I love the regression program.

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