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    Good Day To All,

    I think I have a touch of brain cramps regarding Minitab. Attached is a worksheet; with Multiple Regression I am trying to evaluate whether, when including RPM or part speed and indicator variables for various vendors (A,B,C,D) there is a significant correlation regarding the output variable “Y” surface finish.

    The first regression analysis reveals significant p values for RPM and vendors A & B, insignificant p-value for vendor C.

    I then ran a follow up to see if my hunch that A & B are not different or are similar and C&D are not different or are similar. Then I group or stratify the vendors into A&B with RPM and C&D with RPM and re-run, the results appear incorrect.

    I think I may be making an error with Minitab. The minitab worksheet is attached.
    Are the results of both regresses correct? Or is there a better/more efficient method to accomplish the same

    Many thanks…missing attachment aside, I figured it out…..


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