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    Hi there everyone

    Not sure yet where to post my newbie questions

    I am learning to use minitab here at work.

    I have created basic I Charts for the last year. All OK

    This year the team want to begin implementing previous historical data to generate Control Limits.

    I have collated all the data and have generated historical Mean and SD .

    My question is:

    My 2016 Mintab project has been saved as a 2017 project.
    it pulls data in from an excel spreadheet using the MTB data import.

    How can i apply the historical SD and or mean to the charts without recreating them.

    I can apply the historical mean and SD whilst creating a new chart, but cannot see where I can apply them before doing the update.

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    Stat>Control Charts>Individual Charts–go into I-MR Options and select limits tab. This should help.
    @joelatminitab might add more since I’m quickly typing this. :)

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    @cseider FYI, @joelatminitab isn’t at Minitab anymore. I’ve let some other Minitab peeps know this question is here, though.

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    @KatieBarry Thanks. Hope they reach out to me so I know who to contact besides my fave Jenn!

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    @cseider – I think that @mparet is the current contact.

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    Hi, Chris is correct- in the Limits area of the dialog the first tab is Parameters- you can enter a historical mean and standard deviation there.

    -Jenn Atlas
    Minitab Inc

    @MBBinWI- you are also correct. :)
    @cseider- let’s catch up soon.

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    Thank you for the suggestion to provide a way to specify a historical mean and stdev when updating control charts. Currently, you can only specify parameters when initially creating a control chart, but I can certainly see a use case for charts that have already been created and need to be updated with new data.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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