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    Reigle Stewart

    Moderator: Purely representing myself and my own opinions, it is most Iteresting that you closed the thread about Green Belt training at ASU (even though a poster asked specifically about it), but iSixSigma has left other such discussion threads open. For example, http:// Could this be a form of commercialized predujice given your nonpromotional policy? By the way, there is also a policy on respect for others (why is it not enforced with zest and equality). In relation to the referenced thread, it is also interesting that BMG advertises on your site. Is this a coincidence? What is the PROCESS for closing a thread? Could you please enlighten us? By the way, does Stan have some form of relationship with iSixSigma given his on-going disrespect and harmful comments about others? Respectfully, Reigle Stewart



    I have to admit the thread turned out to be a really a bad one. I don’t know if the original poster’s intention was good or not BUT when I read the follow up posts, it sounded to me more of advertisements for the instructor and the university than anything else. It looked really unprofessional.
    We all know how you feel about your boss. You don’t need to bring it on every time. I know a couple of the key folks in that place and in my opinion their SS knowledge and its implementation is very shaky at best. There is no doubt in my mind!  So then what? Should I have posted my opinion of them to make the debate unbiased? Then what? Turn this forum to a day time TV talk show?
     The subject should have said, “Reigle Bias”. Let it go, man!!!!



    Stan has no relationship with iSixSigma or anyone who posts or advertises on this forum. I have stated by relationships and purposes for posting on this forum many times and have not mislead anyone with what I stated.



    Don’t talk about professionlism Reigle.  How many different names have you posted under?  You can deny it all you want.  All iSixSigma would have to do is list all of the names you’ve posted under the same IP address.  That in itself is an abuse of the forum.  You should be blocked just for that.


    Reigle Stewart

    Mike: You say I do not need to bring up Dr. Harry
    everytime I post. Interesting you point this out to me when
    a select few spew out their false statements about him
    (i.e., Stan) in an obvious attempt to discredit and defame
    his work (every chance they get). Why don’t you provide
    commentary on this each time they do this and point out
    their being unprofessional? Bias perhaps? Second, you
    indicate that you know a couple of people at that place
    [ASU] … that their implementation knowledge is shaky at
    best. This too is interesting since it is only Dr. Harry that is
    providing the instruction, not ASU. So, based on your
    comment, what does ASU have to do with the course
    content? Dr. Harry’s business partner Mr. Phong Vu, was
    the senior champion at Ford Motor company (reporting to
    the CEO). Seems these two gentlemen likely know more
    about Six Sigma and its deployment than most. Perhaps
    your bias is showing through. In terms of the debate, ASU
    has taken a neutral position, but we all know Stan will not
    show up. You speak of this forum being turned into a
    daytime talk show … wake up man and read some of the
    “site cronies” posts … it already is a daytime (and night
    time) talk show (and tabloid). False, misleading
    information abounds and goes unchecked. Disrespect to
    others is always on the menu and being served. Of
    course, it is pointed out that this is a discussion forum and
    not a “expert Q&A” site … many have said “let the buyer
    beware” when it comes to obtaining information on this
    site. In many cases, the inflammatory posts are little more
    than bathroom graffiti. Unfortunately, the “respect policy”
    of this site has little meaning and is not enforced. While
    the vast majority of posters are well intentioned, a few use
    the discussion forum to vent their alter egos using lies
    and deceit to further their own agendas. Like Stan, when
    called out into the open, they fail to appear. Biased?
    Maybe so.

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