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Topic (MOST) Maynard Operation Sequence Technique

(MOST) Maynard Operation Sequence Technique

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    Hi All

    Has anyone had experience with the MOST Maynard Operation Sequence Technique which is described as a “”pre determined Motion Time System” on the below Wiki Link. It can be used as an alternative to Time and Motion Study to compare processes.


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    Yes, I am certified MOST applicator.
    Let me know if you want any clarifications on MOST.

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    Hi J,

    I received my MOST certification in 2013. It’s the tool we utilize to build labor standards at my company. It’s a great tool, excellent for comparing what/if scenarios. I highly recommend you looking into it further. Let me know if you have any questions.


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    Hi All,

    Is a MOST certification a valuable asset in most companies or does it tend to be a a certification that you were asked to pursue then never used? I ask because we do not use MOST on a regular basis in my company. In 5 years I have seen 1 MOST study. I am also not aware of any employers in my area that require or prefer a MOST certification for their engineering applicants. It appears that it could be a beneficial tool, but the $2,000 price tag for online certification through Maynard seems steep for something that isn’t commonly recognized and used by employers.


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    I wasn’t certified in it until I came to work at my current employer. They paid for the certification because it is their tool of choice for creating labor standards.

    To your point, I wasn’t required to have the certification to be considered for the position. Knowledge and experience creating standards is what they were looking for, the tool to do so came after. Hope that answers your question.


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    Hi Sunil

    Can you please let me know what successes you have had with MOST? What you use it for?
    Also what Industry you work in if you don’t mind sharing.


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    Hi All,

    Is there an online portal through which I can certify myself in MOST?

    Your answers would be much Helpful

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    hi all,

    MOST is also applicable in manufacturing society?can I apply this in QMS?
    It is more focus on what?
    my company haven’t this program and this is my first time to here this MOST.

    please give me some feedback

    thank you

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    I have not heard of any online certification In MOST. In most companies, ur knowledge ,skills and experience on the stated subject is tested rather than the related certification .
    Most of the automobile companies are using this scientific work measurement technique to analyse the standard work content , compare and improve against that standard, so can best utilise the manpower and improve capacities.

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    @randy sanchez

    Its more applicable in Manufacturing

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    In MOST how can I capture the impact of parts weight. We have done MOST study and we got the same result between 2 parts that has identical process, but has a weight difference of 2.5 kg. The production rate is 40 pcs per hour,which means at 10 hours it is a difference of 1,000 kg. Obviously the labour performance will reduce overtime compared to the lighter product.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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