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    Can anyone tell me what the certification requirements are at Motorola for a GB, BB and MBB?  It would be interesting to also discuss how firms view other firm’s six sigma certification requirements.



    A friend of mine was certified through MO.  His email address is
    [email protected]
    He should know.


    Rainer Seufferlein

    It is not so easy,
    I received a Motorola Six Sigma Training but not a certificate. The requirment for a Motorola Six Sigma Training was (4,5 years ago) that you are a Motorola employee/supplier and identify a project with a huge impact on the Motorola buisness.


    Barb Reinhardt

    I received Six Sigma Green Belt certification from Motorola and was working on my Black Belt Application before I was downsized.   I can speak to the requirements of about a year ago.   I do know that the requirements were changed about the time of my departure, so I’m not sure what they are now.
    Green Belt:
    MU Classes or other training only
    Introduction to the Black Belt Program, Six Steps to Six Sigma Concepts, Continuous Improvement, Quality System Overview, Process Characterization Concepts,Benchmarking Concepts,Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Concepts, Basic Statistics
    Coursework + 1 skill demo
    Problem Solving, Comparative Methods
       Need 2 skills + 1 demo of those skills from the following list
    Nonparametric Statistics, Measurement Systems Analysis, Design and Analysis of Experiments (DOE), Process Capability and Control (SPC), Robust Design/Tolerance Analysis, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Reliability and Availability, Categorical Data Analysis, Survey Design and Analysis, Multivariate Methods, Advanced Regression Modeling, Time Series/Forecasting
    I will post the requirements for the Motorola Black Belt (from one year ago) when time permits.  



    This is tough and worth it!  Note Motorola also has full time staff statisticians who are above all the sigma levels who give advice and support.

    GB 12-15 days training plus projects over 12 months
    BB 25-30 days training over 12 months plus
    MBB qualified BB for 5 years who has mentored at least 6 BBs.
    ALL have to have Motorola projects in their submission to the Six Sigma Council and have undertaken training in-house and given presentations externally.  Not all applications are successful first time through – the standards are kept very high and rightly so.
    Core Skills

    Introduction to the Black Belt Program
    Six Steps to Six Sigma Concepts         
    Continuous Improvement         
    Quality System Overview         
    Process Characterization Concepts
    Benchmarking Concepts
    Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Concepts
    Basic Statistics
    Problem Solving          
    Comparative Methods
    Leadership (Black Belt Only)
    Technical Skill Electives

    Nonparametric Statistics
    Measurement System Analysis
    Design and Analysis of Experiments (DOE)
    Process Capability and Control (SPC)
    Robust Design / Tolerance Analysis
    Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    Reliability and Availability
    Categorical Data Analysis
    Survey Design and Analysis
    Multivariate Methods
    Advanced Regression Modeling
    Times Series / Forecasting
    Interpersonal Skill Electives

    Change Management
    Professional Presentations
    Business Skills
    Project Management
    Application Demonstrations
    Green Belt
    A Six Sigma Green Belt must have a minimum of all Core Skills and Two Technical Elective Skills AND MUST have demonstrated the application of these skills as follows: 
    One Problem Solving Skill Application, One Comparative Methods Skill Application,
    Two Technical Skill Applications, One from each Elective.
    Black Belt
    A Six Sigma Black Belt must have completed The Six Sigma Green Belt Requirements,
    AND have a minimum of Leadership Skills, Two Additional Technical Skill Electives,
    Two Interpersonal Skill Electives AND MUST have demonstrated the following:
    One Additional Problem Solving Skill Application, One Additional Comparative Methods Skill Application, Eight Additional Technical Skill Applications; Two from each Elective Two Interpersonal Skill Applications; One from each Elective.

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