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    Jack Welch

    Dear Mr. Process Owner,
    I see you came here to make your mind up whether or not to put 6S into your facility.ย  Read the posts here, read the positives and the negatives.ย  You never heard terms like smoke an mirrors, ponzie game, soft savings associated with Lean and other TQM inititives but you see alot of name calling here with 6S.ย  Before you spend that quarter million dollars to train a bunch of folks to find soft savings that will never see the bottom line revisit Lean, look for wasted, ask your employees what is wrong in their workplaces and then listen to them…its all free.ย  Find out what you are scraping or the products with high reowork..then put a focus team in to fix the problem…its free of highg training costs too.ย ย  Too often in 6S the problem is known, lets face it if you can put a dollar value on it at the Project statement you know where the problem is and its cost already.ย  Jeepers…do people think we are all fish to be reeled in?ย ย  Never mind common cause, i challenege you apply common sense….you know where the waste is…go fix it!


    fast eddy

    Amen Brother Jack!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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