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    I am mentoring a project that is focused on reducing non-physical returns. A non-physical return can take place when a customer recognize that there are paperwork errors even though we shipped the correct product and qty, etc… It can also happen when customers request for the product to be re-routed to an alternate location, once it was delivered to the original requested location. The reason why it is call non-physical is because we never take the product back to the plant, we simply fix, re-print the paperwork and send it to the customer. The customer service department must track all non-physical returns and the reason code, but the plants can also be notified of the incident. Can someone help me how would I put together a Gage R&R? Should I run dummy customer notifications and have 3 operators identify the ones that are classified as non-physical, and also another gage for them to determine if they can properly classify them? Please advice

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