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    John Wick

    When doing a attribute agreement analysis on MINITAB, once we run the test we have several results;

    (* we will use standard in this case)

    (1)within appraiser
    (2)each appraiser vs standard
    (3)between appraiser
    (4)all appraiser vs standard

    then analyze kappa on each concept, in my company we use
    1-0.9 (excellent) 0.89-0.70 (capable) <0.70 (not capable)

    my questions are;

    1) what results is the most important? do you take in consideration all of them, or do you use 1 of those to take decision whether is good or bad, what does the AIAG says?

    2) whats is SE kappa and when do you use it?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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