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    How do I perform an msa on an automated test process? I only have one test equipment and the operator does not have any impact on the process as a robot is loading the test, however I want to perform an msa on the test equipment. How do I do that?


    Sambit Dash

    If my understanding is correct :

    1. Robot/Automation process is the appraiser.
    2. You have only 1 test equipment

    For MSA you need more than 1 test equipment with standards, assuming the robot is the appraiser it self. Check if you have a option to repeat the test, else would be difficult to conduct a MSA

    But if the test equipment are prepared by some operator they are also a part of MSA. As preparation of the sample can also contribute to the variation.


    Mike Carnell

    ja123 The term MSA addresses Accuracy and Precision. Accuracy is Bias, Linearity and Stability. Precision is Repeatability and Reproducibility. Regardless of the operators and automation there should be no issues with Accuracy. For Precision you can only do repeatability. The robot is your operator and there should be no issue with having the robot rerun the same units multiple times.

    You might consider using a high speed camera to record the robot loading the test fixture. With Robots and automated processes there is the assumption that it is so precise that there is no variation. That isn’t true.

    Remember to randomize. Having that much automation involved it is relative simple to transfer a pattern you are not aware of onto the data.


    Bijan Kheradi, CLSSMBB, CHKF

    ja123, I am in agreement with Mike Carnell. I have performed these type of analysis in the past on robotic microchip assembly processes. It is a bit time consuming and the study needs to be carefully planned for.
    Take your time and understand the exact coordinates and datum point of your robots for initial understanding.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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