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    Could someone please explain the difference in these two models to me?  I seem to have hit a brick wall. Thanks!

    Laura wanted to build a multiple regression model based on advertising expenditures and business’ price index. Based on the selection of all normal values she obtained the following:

    Multiple R = 0.738
    R-square = 0.546

    By using lagged values she came up with the following:

    Multiple R = 0.755

    R-square = 0.570

    Explain the differences in using these different models.


    Robert Butler

     Using only the information provided, about all that can be said is that there isn’t much that you can say about differences in the two models.  R2 is one measure of model adequacy and without any additional information there is no apparent difference in the statistics for the lagged vs. non-lagged model.  However as I read your post I must admit that I’m not all that certain that your question is about R2.  If you could provide more information about the regression and what you are trying to do I’d be glad to try to give you an answer to your question.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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