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    We are a IT organisations and Operate in B2B & B2C domanins. We use our website for B2C domain. For past 2-3 months our revenues for the B2C domain have been dipping.In the past we have had incidents of Hacking. But last time it happened we took strict security measures. Moreover no one is sure, that this time again, its a Website Hack. There could be plenty of other reasons as well. Like customer dis-sat. Technical glich or downloads problem etcs.In the meantime, I was reading The Six Sigma way and Realised that the 3 pre-requisites for DMAIC project are there in this problem. I have been thru the case study given in that book for a DMAIC project(AutoRec).With these concepts in Mind, I spoke with my boss for using DMAIC to solve the problem of revenue dip. He was pretty much satisfied on his side. But in order to convince the rest of the Management, He has asked me to prepare a Document.Now i need help in the Preparing that document, What to include in it and what to ommit. Whether i should describe DMAIC in that or imphasise more on revenue bit????I also need help in the Roadmap for DMAIC. But first i need help in convincing the Management that DMAIC will help.RegardsAJ



    You need a document talking about what you’re going to do, and you need a roadmap for Six Sigma.
    The first is easy enough. Look in your Six Sigma Way book — they should have a roadmap in there. If not, you can find one here: Six Sigma Roadmap.
    As to the document you need to write, I would think that a business case and problem statement should set you up for success. This is one of the first steps of a Six Sigma project. Start at the project charter page iSixSigma and begin working from there.
    Good luck,Trev

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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