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    IMG_20200804_113126i am not understanding how to calculate in detail. Need in depth


    If I get one customer A how this percentage comes pleasure to hear from you



    Robert Butler

    If your question is how do you get the percentages at the bottom of the page the answer is you need information that is not present on the spreadsheet you provided. In order to get the percentages at the bottom you need to know how the efforts are apportioned to each of the consultants. The best you can do with what you have is compute total utilization percent for each customer with all of the consultants lumped together…and even that calculation has issues since the footnote is far too cryptic and also does not provide sufficient information.


    1. the sum of the efforts for customer A is 402.

    2. According to the footnote   Utilization = sum of all efforts against L1 or L2 consultant/available effort per shift (480)

    ….what exactly does this mean?

    If we assume the above means:

    Utilization = sum of all efforts for all consultants/available effort per shift (480)

    Then – for customer A you have 402/480 x 100 = 83.75% which is somehow divided among 4 consultants in such a way that the total consultant utilization sums to 92% and that the 42% is split among 3 consultants while a single consultant accounts for 50% …and then there is the question concerning the remaining 8% of their collective time.

    3. But….

    a. 480 minutes = 8 hours

    b. If I have 4 consultants for customer A this would mean I actually have 1920 minutes for that shift.

    Therefore – for customer A you have 402/1920 x 100 = 20.93 % which is somehow divide among 4 consultants such that the split on the 20.93% is 42% and 50%.

    So, the short answer to your question is this – based on what you have provided you cannot answer the question you asked.


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