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    Respected sirs,
    i am in Engineering) student in “Industrial management Engg.” with my B.Tech is in Electronics &Communication Engg.
     i want do project in “six sigma approach”.as a student how i can go through this ?i have a time of 80 days to submit my mini project.And after that i have 9 months to do main project.
    please give your valuble suggestions.
    thanking you sir..




    Kasiviswanadh,Regarding your request about possible Six Sigma project — A few questions:1. Are you studying under a Black Belt or a Master Black Belt (one of your professors perhaps?)? If so, that is the best source for suggestions for possible projects.2. Do you have the “permission” to do a Six Sigma project on a one of the processes at your college / university? As students, you and your colleagues are “customers” of the college / university univeristy processes. Six Sigma projects should start with identifying customer pain — so, you could find out from your fellow students what the pain of the “pain” from their perspective is for the college / university univeristy processes.
    These are 2 possible places to start …… hope this is helpful to you …
    Best regards,



    If you step back a bit and think about the “Six Sigma approach”, it really is not much more than a somewhat systematized view of engineering common sense.  Smaller projects are improvement projects, and the Six Sigma improvement process, DMAIC, when viewed at a high enough level, is nothing more than a classical engineer would do:

    Define – Let’s first agree on what we want to accomplish
    Measure – Be sure we can recognize success
    Analyze – Figure out what “knobs” we have to turn
    Improve – Figure out what knobs we are going to turn
    Control – Make sure the knob stays turned
    In I/T, of course, our “knobs” are rarely physical knobs, but other things we can influence.  But really, isn’t this how an engineer would approach any problem?  Just because it is an I/T problem, that is no reason to get sloppy.
    The other dimensions that make Six Sigma successful are a slavish dedication to the facts, something which again, any engineer should do, and a passion for making the data visual.  This last part is something that engineers tend not to do very well, but certainly, in a class project, is going to make your message much more memorable.



    Hi Kasi: let me have your mail id. I can guide you step by step towards achieving both your goals.
    You form the ideas of project selection and the tools needed. I can support in terms of tools used and the management of the project itself.



    Respected sir,
    thank you very much for agree to guide me.I felt so happy when i read your message.
    My email IDs are :
    [email protected],
    [email protected] send your valuble sugessions as early as possible,because of less time to submit my mini project.



    Kasi I am on the yahoo messenger. Can you log on?
    Can you accept the request?



    Select the Placement Rate , Pass Percentage for your Project Selection Scope which helps your college as well as students.
    all the best

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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