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    I am currently working on my first six sigma project. The scope of the project is to improve efficiency of a product cell.
    I conducted a VOC from the group of employees to see what could possibly be the problem, which is causing the efficiency to be so low. The “Y” in this project is to improve the efficiency. (Question: Should the Y change base on the CTQ tree or does the project Y stays the same as the project title)
    The VOC revealed that the possible problem area is Bad Standards, using Bar stock vs Casting, Bad Casting, Tooling issues. The next step is to look into these areas and start collecting data as we all know that six sigma is driven by data. I propose to the team to randomly select several operations and to a time study so we can compare our standard vs. actual machining time. We can then also categorize that problem area and do a Prato chart at the end of the study to see what problem accrue the most. (Question: Does every one thing that this is a good idea or am I missing steps in between here, or should I need to take a different approach.)
    I thank all of you in advance for your input and suggestions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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