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    Michael Cyger

    No holds barred. Tell me like you see it. iSixSigma is at a unique position and anything can change at this point, so please provide feedback.

    Ideas to discussion:
    * Type of content
    * Level of topics
    * Depth of topics
    * Other resources besides articles
    * User interface of website
    * Amount of advertising
    * Frequency of newsletters / information
    * Communication pathways (social media versus newsletters)

    (For those of you who cannot sign in or create an account due to technical issues, please email me directly at michael (at)

    Thank you for your input.



    The site is great, overall. Lots of great information and resources. It would be beneficial to have something similar to slideshare whereby organizations could share some standard presentations on content or specific to projects (with scrubbed data or organization identifiers). I always find it useful to see what problems and innovative soltuions were identified on projects; this can sometimes help generate team creativity (esp in a government environment!).


    Michael Cyger

    Thanks, GovBB. I appreciate your input.

    Having a SlideShare-type of functionality is a great idea. We could ask presenters and trainers to post their slides for more to benefit from.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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