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    I am looking to validate a method for density measurement.
    This is a destructive test and I am looking at a nested gage R&R.
    All the setups I’ve seen for nested gage R&R rely on sampling from batches and assuming that all samples within a batch are identical. In these cases, an operator will measure a minimum of 2 samples from the same lot.
    However in my case the product to measure ages and changes as soon as the sample is prepared – in essence I can only get 1 sample from 1 batch.
    Could anybody please recommend what to do in this case?


    Mike Carnell

    @daftfirth A couple possibilities. We had a product that aged at room temp but it stopped kicking over when it was cold. That may help

    The second suggestion is probably less preferable but it works. You have density tester not necessarily a density tester for your specific product. Test density of something else. You can also select something else that has similar characteristics of what you want to measure. You want to be in the same density range.

    Just my opinion.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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