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    Hi Everybody,I am new to this forum and I ask suggestion of everybody. I have recently passed SSGB in June and last week I got a job as a Q A Supervisor in an electronics company. The position requirement was SSGB. Product is completely new to me but I have an experience as a Q A Technician. I am excited as well as under tension about my success. Any suggestions?


    Jered Horn

    I would say your first responsibility would be to fill your role as a QA Supervisor.  Use your Six Sigma knowledge to help see where improvement opportunities lie.  As a greenbelt, use yours and your colleagues’ “spare” time on small-scale projects.  Follow the methodology you were taught and don’t forget the importance of data presentation and status/results reporting.  Also make it known to your local blackbelt that your are interested in participating as a blackbelt project team member.  And, when the opportunity makes itself available, signup for Blackbelt training.  You might consider gaining some knowledge in Lean principals as well.
    Just my opinion.  Hope it helps.  Good luck!



    Hello there!
    I am basically in the same position as you in a service company, and I am also a green belt. I began last year by looking at our feedback (survey) forms to see what areas our customers were not happy with (or could have been happier). Then I looked at which of those, by fixing, would add value to both the client and to us. So, then I looked at our processes to see which part of the process those areas belonged to. So, first, you have to map your process “as is”. Then, looking at the feedback you’ve gotten from customers, you see which area of the process the problem seems to stem from. Then you can brainstorm with the people doing the process to see how it “should be” done. Many times you don’t have to change the whole process, but just pieces of it. It is a continual improvement all the time. Every time I am finished with one project I realize we can improve in other areas. Then it becomes a matter of balancing your time against which project will bring the most benefit to the company and to the client.
    Hope that helps. :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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