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    Hey all…
    I am a Production Manager at a plastics manufacturing plant in Tennessee. IE by degree, and have spent time in steel fabrication as well as warehousing / logistics.

    My interests mainly lie in training techniques. I am working to establish a continuous improvement culture with my staff, and am going the standard roadbumps that go along with that. The more hands on, beneficial training I can provide my staff of 20, the better.

    I look foward to the networking and input opportunties this site has to offer!


    Fúquene Moreno

    Hi, How’s going?

    My name is Philip, I’m from Colombia and live in Bogota, I’m Industrial Engineer and work as Process Engineering. Now I want to now, what looking for the Professionals when trained in Six Sigma (paid well, stability, etc), and if they feel that company promotes programs to retain them.

    I have a small survey, could you help me, let me know what do you think about it?


    Felipe Fùquene Moreno
    Industrial Engineer
    Colombia :laugh:



    Hi I’m a Senior Project Manager (Engineering/Construction) that for the last 40 years have always utilized mental management over strong arm tactics and became interested in Six Sigma (SS) about four years ago after I returned to my old firm after a 5 year sabitical and found them completely involved in it. I was quickly trained as a champion and put on a never ending procession of six sigma studies. What I found was – a great idea was by its own structure was limiting its potential. As many have said – a great tool only limited by the craftsman weilding it – and the employees it fails to involve by its exclusiveness. I joined this discussion board to explore:
    – how to overcome its limitations
    – simplfy its participation
    – inspire solutions from it rather than making it another task



    If you live it, they will live it. Save your training budget for rewards and recognition purposes.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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