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    Hello everybody,
    I’m a recent college grad and starting out a career in the healthcare industry, I have been interested in Six Sigma for a long time but now have a real reason to become certified. 
    I’m curious though what to expect after obtaining a Black Belt?  What is the typical job for BB’s and average salary (I know this ranges quite a bit). 
    Needless to say I’m very excited to start the program and finish it in time to apply for grad school.  Thanks to anybody for there input!


    Roger Noble

    Healthcare is still relatively new to the Six Sigma approach. For the most part, you won’t find full-time Black Belt positions in healthcare since insurance payors are yet to recognize the role as contributing to clinical care nor as part of general overhead allowances. However, Black Belts can be seen dual-functioning in many capacities. At our 22 hospitals, we only have 1 current Black Belt but we have 42 who have progressed from our Green Belt training and projects into our Black Belt developmental program. They perform in many capacities from the administrative side as Registration Staff to the clinical side as Chiefs of Staff! Because of this spectrum, you see that the salary expectations are not exactly something you can relay and have it mean much to anyone.
    I have not seen an increase in pay due to Six Sigma Black Belt certification on the clinical side, though I expect we will start seeing that in the near future as more clinical outcome impacts are made as a result of Six Sigma approaches. On the administrative side, in a Performance Improvement or Risk Management capacity, you are likely to see the same increase as you would with say a CPHQ (through NAHQ) certification. Typical quality certifications in related to these roles can expect to see a 5-10% increase. In time, we will see this too change as the impact of Six Sigma is proven to those who really determine what healthcare can pay its professionals: the Boards and Payors.
    In a Performance Improvement or Risk Management role as a Black Belt you can expect to see anywhere from 65-110K depending on your geographic location, size of the facility, and what relavent industry experience you have at the time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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