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    Hi ,

    I’m recently certified as GB in six sigma. I was given the project to cut down the number of tickets ( generally requests which we receive in the form of mail or chats ) that are coming in, as it is impacting the utilization of an agent ( > 100% ) every week.

    The process is very dynamic and the ticket reduction is technically not in our end control.

    So, how would I be able to approach this project?



    Here are my thoughts , you can reduce the no. of tickets.If you use the DMAIC Approach, you will be drilling down on type of tickets (do a Pareto here to see what issue gets max tickets), find out if you get repeat tickets ? Repeat tickets implies that the resolution provided first time was not sufficient / appropriate. Fix that. And, you should be able to reduce the no. of tickets.



    As @madhurigauba suggested we often need to do preliminary data collection and analysis at the beginning of the Define phase. We need to clearly understand the problem of interest so we can write a good problem statement and the rest of the charter. That doesn’t mean we’re jumping into M and A. It’s simply that we need to understand the problem.


    Mike Chambers

    I agree with the earlier comments RE gathering data. Even before that, I would attempt to get better definition of expectations; i.e., a good charter, scope, roles of team members, etc.

    Another point is although it is external customers driving the action, there are likely things that can be done internally to minimize … reducing repeat tickets was previously mentioned. Other possibilities are improved upfront communications RE things like status and enhanced web-based support. Yet another possibility is to work to reduce the impact/duration of each ticket by streamlining internally. You really don’t know what’s possible until you and your team have some … uhmmm … data. :)

    Hope that helps!


    Norbert Feher

    I would start with a SIPOC to identify the boundaries of the process and the key stakeholders.

    Find a BB mentor please since it is a mistake to think at any company that newly certified GB’s can work alone…


    Chris Seider

    Reduce demand on an organization? It seems a tall order–truly.

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