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    I’m very new to Six Sigma and would love to get involved and learn the methology.  What books do people recommend I start with?  What web sites, articles and threads on this site should I have a look out?Kol


    as you know, there are a lots of books about six sigma, but I can recommend you two two of them:
    1st – “Six Sigma. How GE and others turned process into profit”,
    2nd – “Six Sigma. Smarter solutions using statistical methods”,
    and of course any materials about SPC and some statistical books ;-)


    The “New to Six Sigma?” selection on the blue bar on the left is a great starter….
    Best Regards,
    Bob J


    Dear Kol,
    There are more than 100 books and thousands of articles about Six Sigma and this makes it really difficult for newcomers.  Besides the books and references mentioned by Wojtek and Bob, we suggest to answer the following questions in order to narrow your choice:
    –          What kind of industry are you in: manufacturing (e.g. automotive), transactional (e.g. services industry) and the newest software and IT (e.g. software development)?
    –          What is your actual or future role: Chief executive (e.g. CEO, COO, CFO), Six Sigma deployment manager (e.g. quality director), Belt (e.g. Green Belt, Black Belt…), Analyst (e.g. Process Manager) or Consultant (e.g. business, process, improvement…)?
    –          What methodology do you want to learn and in what depths: DMAIC (improvement, DMADV (design), Process Management, Lean…?
    –          What do you want to do with your knowledge afterwards?
    After you have considered these points you will be ready to choose some good books and resources. If the choice is still hard, than let me know and I can send you a short list of books and resources focusing on your target.
    Best regards,
    Di Nunzio


    Before you get consumed in the statistics – which is not what Six Sigma is about – understand what you need to accomplish. If you get hold of Joseph Juran’s book “Managerial Breakthrough”  (1964) you will understand the difference in Control and Breakthrough. It is a critical piece to understanding why so many people are confused.
    As far as the statistics goes you can get all you need from the blue bar on the left of the screen and the articles that are featured on the site. Once you have that you can fill in with some books but don’t buy them when there is plenty of knowledge available for free.
    Just my opinion.
    Good luck.


    Hi Enzo,Thanks for your reply.  I am currently working in the telecoms industry but have been in the software development industry for many years prior to that.  My future role would be a consultant to business and IT processes.  I have no idea what methodology, is Six Sigma split up into these sections then?  I am now self-employed and my company will be a service providing IT and business advice and services.Kind regards,Kol


    Hi Kol,
    If you take the 6 Sigma route – it is not industry specific typically – i.e you can apply most of the tools to a process.  If you have been in the S/W world you fully understand the CMMi ladder upto the 5th level.  typically levels 1 through 3 is process stabilization and you can use basic process improvement tools here.  Levels 4 & 5 will mean a deeper level of process improvement and that is where I have seen the classical 6 Sigma tools used to great success.
    Your business – your choice of methodology !
    Best regards,


    Hi Kol,
    Thanks as well.
    We have prepared you a list of free articles focusing on your industry / your situation, which you can download at your discretion (just send me an email (
    If you are still interested to explore the topic in more detail we can send you a list of books for your particular goals.
    In addition, as we have served several international Telecoms and IT companies, we can tell you a bit more about how to blend Six Sigma with all the existing systems (CMMI, ITL…).
    Finally, look at (Frankfurt September 21.) where you will find a special event targeting on the topic.
    I wish you all the best for your exciting new activity.
    Best regards,


    Hi Enzo,
    are the articles you’ve mentioned available in Internet too?


    Hi Fernando,
    Yes, they are all available on the internet and free of charge. We have collected and summarized them, as well as put the internet-links for an easy download.
    Let me know if you want a copy.
    Best regards,


    Hi Enzo,
    thanks for your quick reply
    Yes, I would like to have a copy.
    This is my address:
    Thank you very much


    Hi Enzo,I have just sent an e-mail to the address below, I look forward to your reply.Many thanks,Kolin


    Hi Enzo,
    I have received your email but I have unintentionally cancelled it while cleaning up the mail box
    Would you mind to forward me again the email with the link?
    Thanks again


    Hello everybody,
    I am just coming from TOC world and I would really like to go deep into Six Sigma as well. I would also like a recommendation for a book , a link or something to start with. I am Supply Chain Manager in a Dairy company and soon I will also manage the operations. I would like to be focused on the manufacturing side, lean principles etc. Enzo was giving some good advice in the previous posts so I said to try my luck here. Thanks a lot and I am looking forward to your reply.


    A good place to start is the “New to Six Sigma?” link on the left…  Lots of good overview and comparison stuff….
    Best Regards,
    Bob J


    Thanks a lot. You are correct to much info that I get confused. I will surf around and I will come back with something more specific.


    No problem….  Glad to help….  I would offer my opinion that the “New to Six Sigma” is as good an overview as I’ve seen anywhere…
    Good luck!
    Best Regards,
    Bob J


    I agree with Bob. The section on “New to Six Sigma” is a good place to start. You need to get hold of a book called “Managerial Breakthrough” by Joseph Juran from 1964 – don’t confuse it with the other one that has a similar title different author. You will not find Six Sigma discussed per say. What you will find is the underlying philosophy that differentiates between the concept of Control and the concept of Breakthrough.
    If you follow the Discussion Forums over a period of time you will see that the difference betwwen the two concepts is not well understood so many of the practitioners don’t actually understand what they are supposed to accomplish. They do the Control mentality stuff and then measure themselves against the Allied Signal’s (Honeywell) and GE’s of the world and can’t figure out why they get less results (actually the typical conclusion is that they lied about the results). Different philosophy.
    Good luck.

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)

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