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    Bill, thanks for the feedback.  I have actually just completed data analysis of arrivals by hour as well as looking at the appointment scheduling system and it has revealed some intereting findings.  They are currently booking the most appointments on their two busiest days (days when walk-in client counts are very high), and the current scheduling process does not consider the limits of their human capacity at any given appointment time. Correlation between work up cycle time and number of appointments per day is strong (R=.89).  Combine this with the fact that appointments typically require more complex services, i.e. more paperwork, which means longer work up times and longer customer wait times. There are some obvious actions we will take based on these findings, plus a long list of smaller non-valued added steps which we are looking eliminate/minimize. 
    I do have one delima that maybe you can provide some thoughts on. The facilty, which is poorly designed, actually has two waiting rooms with separate entrances, although they are connected via hallways in the building.  Currfently,  2 people work up 80% of the clinets in wait room 1 and 1 person works up 20% in wait room 2.  This is a poor work design issue which we are looking to balance via queing if possible, and we trying to figure out a way to funnel all clients through a single sign in process. However, the largest waiting room will only hold a maximum of 25 people. During peak hours we can and do exceed this limit, especially when you consider other family members who come to the appointments  We are trying to level the patinet volume during peak hours as much as possible, however there are going to be times when they exceed the capacity of the largest room making it necessary somehow shuffle people around outside and into the other room.  Combine this with the fact that wait room 1 only has 2 windows where clients can be worked up, forces us to bring the client to the wait room 2 side even if we could accomodate the total volume in wait room 1. I don’t belive my client or the actual customers will find this accepatable, but I have not figured out anyway around it.  I am open to any suggestions as to how we might deal wiht this situation, as the real opprtunties (the gold), is in leveling loads and using queing for all clients regardless of who they are seeing.  

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