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Topic How Do Non-profit Organizations Implement Lean?

How Do Non-profit Organizations Implement Lean?

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    How non profit organizations implement lean which are being run by socialists?

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    I assume you mean by “being run by socialists” that they don’t care about efficiency because someone else is paying for it. This is usually wrong. Nonprofits have limited funds from donations, grants, government subsidies, and sometimes revenue-generating sales. Most of them have a mission and want to maximize the services they provide with these limited funds. Lean can definitely help.

    A few years ago my local section of American Society for Quality did a service project where we used lean to help a charity improve their core process. The improvement was dramatic, appreciated, and sustained. We went back a year later and they were still using the improved process. They had even made additional improvements based on what they’d learned.

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    @ravikumar0423 Another insightful question. You have heard the song by Megan Trainor “it’s all about the bass, bout the bass no treble” when you get confused as you obviously are you need to think “It’s all about the process, bout the process not the product.” Being nonprofit has nothing to do with anything. The3 fact that you see them as socialists probably shows in your attitude. You can probably identify your largest problem the same way my Director of Quality at Motorola used to for the program managers. He stood them in front of a mirror.

    Just my opinion.

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    HI Ravi,

    Apart from the learned response from gentlemen, i would like to suggest following roadmap (this is for reference, not a ‘carved on the stone’ directive)

    1. Read as much as about lean
    2. List as many tools & techniques suggested for Lean as a reference database (may be buy a book if budget allows)
    3. Breakdown operations in your NGO in activities (as small as possible but still big enough to matter to your customer)
    4. Try and see which tools can be relevant in what situation. Form a team, prepare documentation to monitor before and after results so that corrective measures can be taken if mid-way failure has occurred)
    5. Analyze result with your peers/supervisors and put control measures in place to ensure the changed process is followed for sustained amount of time


    Look for a volunteer Expert Lean practitioner who can guide you to the goal

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    @Straydog Do you have any blog posts or articles about the ASQ nonprofit work that was done? Sounds like a great case study!

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    @hbomb7 Yes, I have documentation. But it wouldn’t be right to share it without permission. No trade secrets or anything like that. If you’re serious about using this as a case study, respond and we’ll set up contact outside of this forum.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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