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    sharon kenlie

    I have currently been working for a bank for 4 months and have limited knowledge of lean an six sigma and am now interviewing for another job due to location change. I am worried that I do not have enough experience to go straight into a process improvement role even though i have previous project mgt  and change experience, my lean and ss knowledge is limited – how should i put this across in the interview without under selling myself?


    Adam Bowden

    Hello Sharon,You say “even though i have previous project mgt and change
    experience, my lean and ss knowledge is limited”.Your knowledge and attitude is a huge driver in the change
    management world. If it were me in your shoes – play hard on the
    project and change management skills and emphasize willingness
    and aptitude to take skills to the next level i.e Black Belt training or
    Lean Expert training.80% of success comes from the application of soft skills – the
    remaining 20% comes from the hard skills – i.e BB or LE training.So if you have the appropriate soft skills you are probably 80% of
    the way there any way.You should push the soft skill side of change success as this is
    hugely underrated and miss-understood by most.If you want to chat about a potential strategy at interview drop me
    a line and we can chat further.Best regards,Adam
    720 938 0321
    [email protected]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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