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    Glad to see that you will step in and end a pointless thread, or at least one with questionable points being made.   What is your criteria for closure?   As appreciative as I was to see this:
    [This Discussion Thread Has Been Closed By The Moderator]
    I think they occasionally go on too long.    Please describe for us the forum ground  rules.  I think that will help center the discussions.   Thanks.



    Hi SSNewby,
    The discussion forum etiquette guidelines are straightforward and can be found on the page where forum messages are posted:
    Some of the guidelines are hard rules, such as not promoting your own products and services. Others are guidelines and moderators can take action as they see fit. We understand that some people will try to deceive iSixSigma moderators and readers through various actions — rest assured that this doesn’t happen very often.
    We try to not meddle as much as possible, as we believe that the free exchange of ideas is paramount. So, for instance, if someone says that Six Sigma is a terrible methodology or that company ABC has no idea what they’re doing, we tend not to interact as we’re sure that others will chime in and provide their thoughts or data to back up their assertion.
    Very infrequently, threads will continue back-and-forth between two or more individuals who have personal vendettas for each other. When this occurs, we are often notified by many people who find this interaction distasteful/annoying/distracting/[name your emotion]/etc. This type of interaction, while sometimes amusing, benefits no one. In these rare cases where these individuals cannot come to a conclusion by themselves and moderation is necessary, we do step in and close the thread. There are less than 5 threads closed out of over 42,000+ posts.
    Our black-and-white rule is: We investigate all notices of forum abuse and take immediate action where we notice it occuring. Being considerate to others is a gray-area, and our moderators act on their discretion and based on reader feedback.
    MikeForum Moderator



    Thanks Mike.  Sounds reasonable and challenging.   It was good to read your explanation and rationale.   It will help us respect our Six Sigma comrades as we continue to challenge logic and process.  

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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