Number of verifiers increased tenfold by client

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    Hello — This question is for a coworker so I don’t have all details but rather the big picture. We are govt contractors. Her client is a large federal agency that they’ve been with for many years. They used to have about 10% of their work verified by 15 federal Agency workers every month. They had a relationship with these 15 and could discuss their thinking, etc., when they received a defect/error. Over time, these 15 retired, left the Agency, and the remaining 8 had additional assignments given to them. They protested that it was too much so the client increased the number of federal verifiers to 150. So before where the 10% was verified by 15 people, that same 10% is now verified by a much larger more diverse group. So have the assessed errors. A time series chart looks as though in one month’s time they suddenly became very bad at their job that they’ve been doing for years. I don’t know all the details, as I said, but this seems like they changed horses in the middle of the stream. Years ago I had a Green Belt and I offered to assist her in any way. I’m decent in statistics and remember quite a few SS principles but, man, I’m rusty! How do we start creating an argument that this new process is unsustainable? Any feedback would be welcome.

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